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We are a young and dynamic company with headquarters in Milan. We provide Chinese language courses, for Italian and foreign students of all levels and ages.

Our Chinese training school, with headquarters in Milan at the offices Interdialog, was born from our many years of experience and from the collaboration with selected Native Chinese teachers, with qualification and university preparation.

Our Chinese training school offers online and face-to-face courses, designed to meet the needs of individuals, students, professionals and companies .

We know that every student has different needs and goals in learning Chinese. Therefore, we offer individual and group courses, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your needs.

Courses for All Levels: Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced learner of Chinese, we have courses to suit your level of proficiency. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn one of the most spoken languages in the world. Chinese is a language of the future, with numerous professional and cultural opportunities. Sign up for our Chinese courses today and start your journey to Chinese fluency.

Because we?


We offer a unique approach to Chinese lessons, with an emphasis on effective communication in the Chinese language. Our expert teachers are highly attentive to the individual needs of the students and know how to actively involve them in the learning process, guiding them towards the practical application of the linguistic rules when deemed appropriate.



At our school, we strongly adopt a communicative method for our courses, in which we believe that language learning is best achieved through immersion in spoken language and direct exposure to real language. We firmly believe that understanding linguistic rules is improved through direct experience and practical use of the language.



We are committed to providing highly qualified teachers with a welcoming personality and great communication skills. This allows us to direct the learning of the Chinese language towards the personal goals of each student, facilitating the achievement of the desired results thanks to a positive relationship with one’s teacher.
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How do we select our teachers?


Our Chinese mother tongue teachers

Have you decided to learn the Chinese language, but are you looking for the most qualified teachers to guarantee effective and engaging learning? Choosing the right native Chinese teachers is essential to achieve tangible results in your study path. Here are some key points to consider when selecting your teacher:

1. Language Proficiency: Make sure the native Chinese teacher is fluent in the language. A thorough understanding of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation is essential to give you the solid foundation you need to communicate with confidence.

2.Communication Skills: Look for teachers who have excellent communication skills. They will be able to explain complex concepts clearly and adjust to your level of understanding. Effective communication will make lessons engaging and exciting.

3. Positive attitude: Teachers with a positive human charge create a welcoming and stimulating learning environment. Their positive energy will motivate you and encourage you to overcome language challenges.

4.General knowledge: A teacher who has a good understanding of the customs and traditions of Chinese society will give you a broader perspective on the language and culture. This will help you better understand the context and enrich your learning experience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn the Chinese language with highly qualified native teachers. Choose wisely and open up to the world of Chinese language and culture in an immersive and authentic way. Contact us today to start your language journey!

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