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What are our Chinese courses for companies?

Do you want your company to open up to new international markets? Our Business Chinese Courses are designed to help professionals master the working language and Business Chinese. Whether you are looking to expand your business in China or establish business relationships with Chinese partners, our courses will give you the linguistic and cultural competence you need to succeed.

Here’s why business professionals should consider learning Chinese:

  • Access to a Huge Market: China is one of the largest markets in the world with a huge consumer base. Learning Chinese gives you a competitive edge to connect with Chinese consumers and meet their specific needs.
  • Effective communication: Learning Chinese allows you to communicate directly with your Chinese partners, understand their needs, negotiate contracts and establish solid business relationships.
  • Cultural Competence: Acquiring cultural competence allows you to avoid misunderstandings and demonstrate cultural respect and sensitivity, creating stronger and more lasting business relationships.
  • Career Opportunities: Companies are looking for professionals who can communicate fluently in Chinese and manage relationships with the Chinese market. With Chinese on your resume, you can distinguish yourself and access roles of responsibility and new job challenges.

Our Business Chinese Courses are tailored to the specific needs of your market sector. We offer a variety of online or on-site courses, to suit your schedule and business needs.

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If you are a company looking for Chinese courses for your professionals, our Online Chinese courses for companies offer the ideal solution for effective and language learning >flexible. With our online courses, your employees can acquire Chinese language skills without having to leave the workplace. Take advantage of online courses and lead your company to international success.

Here’s why Online Chinese Courses for Business are the smart choice:

  • Flexibility: You no longer need to coordinate class times and travel. Learning becomes adaptable to the individual needs of your professionals.
  • Personalised learning: Our experienced native Chinese teachers will adapt to your company’s unique needs and your professionals. Each lesson will be designed to ensure maximum engagement and progress in learning Chinese.
  • Saving time and money: With online courses, there are no travel costs or associated accommodation. Your employees can save valuable time by avoiding the commute to and from a traditional school.
  • Multimedia learning materials: variety of multimedia learning resources, including videos, audios, exercises interactive and study materials.

Choosing online Chinese courses for companies means giving your professionals the flexibility to learn Chinese efficiently and conveniently. Invest in the linguistic growth of your employees and boost your company in the global market

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Intensive Chinese Courses


Intensive Chinese courses for companies and professionals

If you are a company that wants to ensure fast and effective learning of Chinese for your professionals, our Intensive Chinese courses for companies are the perfect solution. Designed to provide an accelerated learning experience, these intensive courses are designed to equip your employees with the language skills they need to tackle international business challenges.

That’s why our Intensive Chinese Courses for companies are a winning choice:

  • Fast learning: Intensive courses offer a concentrated and focused learning programme. Your employees will have the opportunity to make rapid progress in their level of language proficiency in a shorter period of time than traditional courses. This allows you tomaximize the time and effort invested in learning Chinese.
  • Business Focus: Lessons focus on business-specific vocabulary and situations, negotiation, presentations, and intercultural communication. Your employees will be ready to face the challenges of international business with confidence.
  • Program flexibility: We can offer intensive one-to-one or group courses, in-home or online, depending on your preferences. This flexibility allows your professionals to continue fulfilling their job responsibilities while engaging in intensive Chinese learning.

Don’t waste your precious time! Our Intensive Chinese Courses for Companies are the key to unlocking your potential in international business.


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