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Written translations in Chinese

Do you need to translate documents and professional texts from Italian into Chinese? Our Chinese Translation Service is what you need to guarantee effective and quality communication. Trust us and you will get accurate and reliable translations from highly qualified native Chinese translators.

Our Chinese Translation Service is aimed at individuals, companies and professionals who wish to expand their presence on the Chinese market. We know how important an accurate translation is to the success of your international projects. Our native Chinese translators are experts in providing accurate and culturally appropriate translations while preserving the original meaning of the text.

We offer professional translations in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Commercial sector: If you are a company wishing to reach the Chinese market, our translations will help you communicate effectively with your Chinese customers. We translate commercial documents, contracts, company presentations, brochures and more.
  • Technical sector: If you work in the technical sector, our translations will provide you with the precision you need to effectively communicate your technical information. We translate instruction manuals, technical specifications, product documentation and more.
  • Legal: Precision and accuracy are paramount in the legal sector. Our native Chinese translators are experts in translating legal documents, contracts, judgments, notarial deeds and more, ensuring a professional and reliable translation.
  • Tourism sector: If you work in the tourism sector, our translations will help you communicate in effective way with Chinese tourists. We translate travel guides, promotional materials, itineraries and more, ensuring your messages reach Chinese audiences in an accurate and engaging way.

Our native Chinese translators are handpicked and have a deep understanding of the culture and linguistic nuances of the Chinese language. They are able to capture the details and nuances of the original text, ensuring a high-quality translation that reflects the tone and style of the original document.

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Chinese Interpreting


Chinese Interpreting Service

Do you need a professional interpreter to facilitate communication between Italian and Chinese? Our Chinese Interpreting Service is the ideal solution to ensure smooth and effective communication in different situations. Trust us and you will have access to highly qualified and professional native Chinese interpreters.

Our Chinese Interpreting Service is available for a range of industries and occasions, including:

  • Business meetings: If you have a meeting or negotiation with Chinese business partners, our native Chinese interpreters will provide expert language support to ensure clear and accurate communication.
  • Conferences & Events: Organizing a conference or event involving Chinese participants? Our professional interpreters will be there to translate presentations, discussions and conversations simultaneously, allowing all participants to fully understand and participate.
  • Guided tours: If you are a tour operator or work in the tourism industry, our native Chinese interpreters can accompany you on guided tours to ensure smooth communication with Chinese tourists.
  • Cultural events and trade fairs: If you attend cultural events or trade fairs where you need to communicate with the Chinese audience, our professional interpreters will be at your disposal to translate speeches, presentations and interactions with visitors , making it easier to connect with the Chinese audience.


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